Why a Street Flag or Banner?

Street Flags & Banners

Street flags are used worldwide to communicate to the public about a cultural event, sports events, and festivals. They are displayed at zoos or amusement parks, music concerts, upcoming events, neighborhood associations, and for safety messages.

From Disneyland to your hometown we see these street flags proudly flying and adding a vibrant and strong visual presence wherever they are seen. They are also one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways of promoting. Brighten up your city streets, your business or school parking lots with beautiful Avenue banners!

Why Order a Street Flag or Street Banner from Oates Flag
Brighten up your city streets, your business or school parking lots with beautiful avenue banners

Imagine your city name welcoming guests into your city or neighborhood with a logo that represents your location. Street Flags send messages of events coming or just year round decorative street banners to brighten up your city or school!

Our Custom Street Flags are Made of the Highest Quality Fabric and Inks

How are Street Flags made?

Oates Flag offers a complete art and design department to layout your custom street flag. Our in-house seamstress will sew your custom street flag to ensure perfection and the high quality that we are known for. Only using the highest quality inks and dyes we can create a street flag that will not only catch the eye of the public but will make you proud to display it.

Our vertical Avenue Banners are made of heavy duty vinyl and are double sided.

Cities, businesses, schools, theme parks, and development sites across the nation decorate with 1 of 4 different sized vertical Avenue banners.

Hardware is sold separately or if you already have hardware…. our street flags and banners will work on pre-existing mounting systems.

Please call or email us at (502) 267-8200 or sales@oatesflag.com for more information today.

Banners come in 4 standard sizes

28” x 48”
28” x 60”
28” x 72”
28” x 96”