Flagpole Repair Service

Oates Flag produces beautiful high-quality flags but did you know that they are one of the few companies to offer flagpole repair service for Jefferson County and surrounding counties? Whether it is repairing a simple snap or replacing a pole Oates Flags does it all!

Oates Flag Co. Flag Pole Repair Service

Maintaining Your Flag and Flagpole

Often a flag is used to promote a business and is the first thing that a customer sees, so it is vital to make sure that your flag and flagpole are in top condition and have routine maintenance. Having regular maintenance can prevent the need for flagpole repair service later and also save you money. A rope is much easier to repair before it breaks for example.
Things that you should look for when inspecting your flagpole:

  • Halyard – the rate of halyard wear depends on several factors including flag size, wind conditions, weather, and usage. For this reason, we recommend that you inspect the halyards on a monthly basis. You should look for fraying, tearing or other visible damage.
  • Winch – Remove debris on winch and cable to avoid buildup.
  • Poles – Remove stains and debris.
  • Flag – Look for tears, frays, stains and weather damage.

Often flags need repair and when they do Oates Flag can service and repair your flag for you. Our over 45 years of experience makes us the best in the business.

Flagpole Repair Services Include:

  • Residential or Commercial
  • Inspecting flagpoles
  • Installing or moving poles
  • Replacing broken halyards
  • Replacing snaps
  • Re-roping a pole
  • Repairing or replacing ropes
  • Replacing cable halyards
  • Winch replacement
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