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Do you do more than just flags?

Why, yes we do. We also provide custom screen printed and embroidered apparel. We sell state of the art flag poles and provide installation as well. Me make custom banners for school gyms and corporate, neighborhood and family events. We also provide a vast array of ad specialty items with your logo emblazoned on the item.

Do you only sell American flags?

We make, sell, and service United States flags in a wide range of sizes and fabrics. We have flags for both indoor and outdoor display. Perhaps you’re looking for tabletop display, or flags designed to be carried by a color guard. We have flags in standard and custom sizes. We proudly sell US flags manufactured by Annin. In fact, we’re one of the larger retailers of Annin flags and banners.  Please contact us at (502) 267-8200 for more information on Annin flags and products.

How do I know what type of flag pole I need?

Selecting the right flagpole for your location requires planning. There are several key factors that need to be considered when choosing your flagpole. These include your location of the flagpole on your property, cosmetic preferences, and how you want your flagpole to blend with its surroundings. All of these factors need to be thoroughly reviewed before actually purchasing the right flagpole to suit your needs. Oates Flag Company is well known for our quality controlled flag pole installation. We do the installations ourselves. We do not use outside sources and contract labor to do the installation, like many other companies. We stand by our flag poles and our installations. Call us or email us for prices and other information. If you need help determining a size for your pole, check out our reference guide for flag sizes.

When displaying my flag vertically, does it matter which way the stars go?

Generally speaking, the Union (star field) should be on the upper left. There are a lot more rules depending on your situation. Please see our Flag etiquette page for more info.